visual artist, drawing under the influence.

Ecuador Earthquake

On Saturday, April 16th, Ecuador experienced a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake, killing over 500 people and leaving thousands of families without a home.

Portoviejo, where Juan Miguel went to high school and where his grandparents live, was one of the towns most heavily affected by the earthquake. Marin's immediate family and closest friends survived. Sadly, many family friends and their families died when their homes collapsed.

One of Marin's way of helping with the reconstruction efforts is through the sale of his drawing of the map of Ecuador, part of his "Under The Influence" series. The earthquake's epicenter, near the coastal town of Muisne, is shown in the top left. The date and magnitude of the earthquake appear at the bottom of the poster.

Despite this tragedy, Ecuadorians are coming together like never before.

Hemlock Printers in Vancouver, Canada, generously donated 300 copies of Marin''s lithograph and all proceeds from this sale will go help the children of Portoviejo.

Each 18" x 24" lithograph is signed and numbered, and shipped in reinforced tubes.

Thank you for your generosity.

Click on the image below to purchase your "Ecuador" poster.