photo by Catalina Kulczar

photo by Catalina Kulczar


Juan Miguel Marin is an Ecuadorian artist based in Brooklyn, whose sphere of work and influence bleeds across visual art, design, music, and film.

Marin’s “Drawing Under the Influence” in fine art drawing offers a study in a meditative process of sentient creation, each piece representing part of the artist’s past or envisioned future.

Just as a viewer may see a skein of yarn, a fiber of muscle or a mollusk shell, Marin’s process is equally subjective, the beginning and end of each piece following a process of internal thought and resolution.  

Marin’s journey to fine arts began as a result of a passion for music from a young age. Born to a working class family in Quito, Ecuador, Marin picked up the drums at the age of nine after a hardship uprooted his family to the small coastal town of Portoviejo. His love of music and performance served as the gateway into the world of graphic design, art direction, and eventually fine arts.

His art has been exhibited throughout galleries in New York, California, New Hampshire, North Carolina and his live performance drawings have been a part of events in cities across the World.